Chicago firefighters rescue groom’s wedding ring from storm drain

The Chicago Fire Department came to the rescue when a groom dropped his wedding band into a storm drain shortly after the ceremony.

Anthony Serritella said he was showing off his wedding ring to a friend after his wedding on Saturday when the band fell off his finger and into a storm drain.

Serritella said the ring was especially precious to him because it had been his father’s wedding band.

The Chicago Fire Department was contacted, and the crew of Engine 98 came to the scene.

Firefighters climbed into the storm drain and were able to recover the ring.

A Fire Department of New Yorkcrew conducted a similar rescue operation last year when a New Year’s Eve engagement resulted in the ring falling down a storm drain.

Danny Tay and Asha Cesar said they were walking back to their car after the proposal when the ring fell off Cesar’s finger and plunged into the storm drain.

The crew of Engine 249 in Brooklyn used coat hangers and duct tape to fish out the ring from the drain.