British chauffer service offers rides in ‘Tank Taxi’

A British man is offering an unusual chauffeur service by charging about $1,000 to give rides to weddings and other events in his “Tank Taxi.”

Merlin Batchelor of Norwich, England, said his Tank Taxi — which is actually an armored personnel carrier, a vehicle with a similar look to a tank — cost him a total $35,000 to purchase and repair for use in his business.

“First, I had neighbors, then friends asking, then friends of friends, and then people I didn’t even know asking me can I take them to, mainly asking about proms,” Batchelor told CBS News.

Batchelor said he now makes about $1,000 per job to drive people to weddings and funerals.

He said the unusual chauffeur service offers “pure entertainment. As you drive along the street, there’s so many people smiling, laughing, pointing.”

Batchelor said the insurance for the vehicle is cheaper than for his family’s Honda Civic.

“The kids love going shopping in it,” he told the Norwich Evening News.

Batchelor said he is currently only licensed to carry passengers for weddings and funerals, but he is hoping to get the necessary permits to branch out into driving for proms, birthday parties and other events.